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Creating Educational Materials

Below are videos Nancy created which celebrate the Hebrew alphabet.

Nancy created the Alef video (on the left below) for "Art, Creativity, & Community," a weekend celebration of Jewish arts which she organized for Temple Israel of Greenfield, Massachusetts in March of 2017.

She created the second video for a workshop entitled "Celebrating the Beauty & Delight of the Alef Bet," which she offered at NewCAJE8 in August of that same year.

Her intention is to inspire others to open their eyes to see familiar things in new ways, and to explore their own creativity.

Since 1992, when she first discovered silk painting, Nancy has worked with hundreds of individuals to proudly make their own tallitot/prayer shawls.


This video was created for an exhibit at Mills College in 2006 which celebrated the creativity of Jewish women & girls. It shows many creating their personal tallitot in her Berkeley studio, something which Nancy is, unfortunately, no longer able to offer.

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