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Online Hands-On Artmaking Experiences

Nancy Katz facilitates art sessions using Zoom.

"As an artist, my work is about bringing color and light into the world.  As an educator, my goal is to empower others to take risks and to embrace their own creativity. As a Jew, my commitment is to celebrate life to its fullest, acknowledging the power of both Source and community."

"My work is more about giving permission than giving over technique."

Art supplies Nancy Katz uses in virtual workshops

Like it or not, we are living a whole new reality!

Who'd've imagined that we'd be spending so much time connecting with others via a screen? Before the summer of 2020 I certainly could not conceive of facilitating art making experiences that way.

But by working together with others virtually over the past few years I have learned how to successfully encourage the creative process in dozens of folks with great success!

I have even discovered that being in one's own space enables some folks to explore their creative selves a bit more freely than meeting in person.

I design programs to meet the specific needs of your group, with each participant receiving their own custom package of supplies.

Screen Shot of Core Connects RI artmaking session

Each workshop or program is unique.

What we do together is based on your goals, the number of times we'll meet, as well as the budget you have to work with.

"I love that I didn't have to go searching for materials to use.  Receiving a package filled with supplies (& other treats) was such an amazing gift."


“Thanks again for all of the wonderful supplies so thoughtfully put together for us. It’s the 1st package I’ve gotten for months and so full of goodies…Sometimes I just can’t stop the creativeness just bubbling up. I’m so pleased to be intergenerationally zooming with you and the others.”


“It was such a blast, an exhilarating feeling to peel through the layers and let myself go…  Oh, I had a wonderful time. Thank you.”


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