Select Wilmark Commissions

National Cathedral, Mount Saint Alban, Washington, D.C.
Fabricated the Senator Simington Memorial stained glass windows located in the Good Shepherd Chapel.


Design by Robert Pinart 

Installation March 1992

Jewish Cadet Chapel, West Point Military Academy,

West Point, New York


Fabricate and install two stained glass windows.  Each window is 32 feet tall. 
The windows are composed of hand blown antique glass, with details enhanced with glass paint and areas of sand blasting. 


Designed by Harriet Hyams

Installation November 1998.

stained glass skylight, Albinus Elkus, National Arts Club

National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York

In 1988, Albinus Elskus asked Wilmark to fabricate and install two stained glass skylights for the Tilden Mansion, home of the National Arts Club. 

Albinus, who wrote the definitive textbook; “The Art of Painting on Glass." chose to create these windows without paint or any other surface enhancement.  The windows are a flowing composition of mechanical and sinuous lead lines combined with hand blown streaky glasses, clear lens and textured mechanical glass.  Wilmark co-ordinated the fabrication of and installed the custom steel frames that hold the stained glass.

Temple Shir Shalom, West Bloomfield, Michigan


Fabricated and installed six large stained glass windows designed by Mordechai Rosenstein. The windows are over 100 square feet, each and depict major holidays. 


Installation in February 1996.

stained glass, Harriet Hyams, West Point AAcademy, Wilmark Studios
stained glass, Robert Pinart, National Cathedral, Wilmark Studios

Finkelstein Memorial Library, Spring Valley, New York

Wilmark fabricated and installed an 18 foot wide stained glass designed by Brigitte Pasternak, installed in 1989. 

The window is composed of hand blown glass and a selection of clear patterned rolled glass with areas that have been enhanced with vitreous paint applied by Brigitte.  Wilmark supplied and installed a custom white aluminum frame to receive the stained glass

Wilmark stained glass, Finkelstein Library, Brigitte Pasternak
Wilmark stained glass, Mordechai Rosenstein, Jewish stained glass

Founded in 1979, Wilmark has a rich history and extensive portfolio of noteworthy work prior to working with Nancy.

Here are select commissions that pre-date their work together.

New City Jewish Center, New City, New York

Wilmark fabricated and installed two stained glass designed and painted and stained by Robert Pinart in 1987. 

The windows depicted Repentance in golden tones and Redemption with more earth tones and highlighted with bright reds and sky blue elements.

Temple Sholom, Greenwich, Connecticut

Fabricated and installed chapel stained glass window designed and painted by Robert Pinart.  Installed September 1993.

Fabricated and installed ten additional stained glass windows located in the main sanctuary, designed and painted by Robert Pinart that where installed August 1995.

Wilmark Studios, Robert Pinart, Greenwich synagogue
Wilmark Studios, Robert Pinart, synagogue stained glass

Nanuet Hebrew Center, Nanuet, New York


Fabricate and install eleven stained glass windows designed by Hendrik Vandeburgt.

The theme of the windows was “From Generation to Generation” and they depicted Life Cycle Events.  Aluminum ventilators and exterior protective glazing was installed with the stained glass windows.  Installed 1981.  

In 1998, we removed the windows and re-installed them in the new home of the Nanuet Hebrew Center and designed and installed a twelfth window to balance the series. 

Four additional windows were designed and fabricated to complete the series of sixteen clerestory openings in 1999.


Wilmark Studios, Hendrik Vandeburgt, synagogue stained glass

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