Community Mosaics

Temple Sinai Atlanta

Sandy Springs, GA

Installed 2019

Sometime in the Spring of 2019 Nancy got a telephone call from a synagogue educator in Atlanta, Georgia.  Marisa Kaiser had heard that Nancy was an experienced facilitator of community art projects and she had an idea to involve as many people as possible in "some kind of interactive project" that would become a permanent fixture in the building.

The synagogue was just finishing off a major renovation and Marisa envisioned a mosaic that could be created on the school's opening day and involve all the students in the Sunday "Noar" program, some of the parents and other adults, and, wouldn't it be great to include all of the pre-schoolers as well?

Marisa had a vision.

Nancy believed she could facilitate the actualization of Marisa's vision.
The synagogue community made it happen!

...And it was good!

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