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Integrity in Glass


Mark Liebowitz Art Historian Jewish Synagogue Programming

Mark Liebowitz studied Art History at Rutgers University where he first was introduced to the great cathedral stained glass windows created in Medieval France.


He marveled at the way glass transformed light.

The New York area provided much to see and admire close up and Mark soaked it up.

Stained glass became his life’s work.

Mark has been making stained glass windows professionally since 1975. 

Mark Liebowitz and Katherine Tait, Mark's first Artist

Mark's first stained glass teacher was Albinas Elskus, the noted author of "The Art of Painting on Glass."

Albin was an extraordinary teacher and the creative partner in a New York studio producing monumental religious installations. 

As Albin’s student, Mark walked into his first 'real' working stained glass studio. 

A few years later, Mark was blessed with the opportunity to fabricate for Albin and to install two of his skylight windows at the National Arts Club in Manhattan.

Mark Liebowitz, Albinas Elskus fabrication glass painting
Robert Pinart Stained Glass Artist fabricated at Wilmark Studios

In 1979 Mark founded Wilmark Studios.

Wilmark's first 30 years were spent in the greater New York area.

There Mark worked with many fine artists during that time including Robert Pinart, Hendrik Vandeburgt, Mordechai Rosenstein, Harriet Hyams, Laurie Gross, Sarah Hall, Willy Malarcher, and Jennifer Baldwin Schafer.

Mark Liebowitz Nancy Katz Wilmark Studios Pawtucket Rhode Island

Mark and Nancy met in 2005. 

She had recently moved to Western Massachusetts after 25 years in Northern California.

In 2007 Mark packed up his longtime studio to set up shop with her in the newly converted old firehouse in the bucolic village of Shelburne Falls.

In 2009 Nancy & Mark were married and shortly thereafter Nancy Katz/Wilmark Studios was conceived.

In 2019 the two moved from Western Massachusetts to Rhode Island and now share a fabulous spacious studio in a converted thread mill in Pawtucket.

Visitors are more than welcome!

Nancy Katz & Mark Liebowitz in their studio in Pawtucket Rhode Island
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