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I have been guided and inspired by the elders with whom I have studied and worked. 
I am proud to be a master craftsman walking a path of integrity and beauty that stretches back a thousand years.

Master Craftsman
Mark Liebowitz

Traditionally, after an extensive four-year apprenticeship with a stained glass craftsman, a journeyman would earn the title of Master Craftsman. 

By 1975, the opportunity to learn “by the book” was no longer available, but the knowledge and skills were present in traditional studios still at work creating and restoring great ecclesiastical stained glass windows.  

I found such a studio and began my studies.


Working closely with experienced elders, I could eventually take my place in the unbroken chain of master craftsmen dating back hundreds of years.  Those golden years of absorbing all that I could have served me well. 


I know that every time I pick up a glass cutter that I am staying true to the lessons learned. I know that I still “cut like Walter” who showed me the way over 40 years ago.

Walter and the others taught me how to do it right.

I am grateful for their guidance and am eager to share my skills with others.

May the beauty of Adonai our God be upon us
& upon the work of our hands for us—
establish the work of our hands.
 —Psalm 90:17

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