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Together we create beauty.
Mark Liebowitz, Nancy Katz, Wilmark, Jewish stained glass studios

Mark and Nancy began working together shortly after they met in 2005.

With decades of creative experience between them--- Nancy as a recognized Judaic artist & Mark as a seasoned stained glass man--- Nancy Katz/Wilmark Studios has only begun to show what it can do together!

This gallery includes some of work they've already co-created.


"Our intention is to create beauty for decades to come."

Gallery of Stained Glass

Both Nancy and Mark grew up in committed Jewish households.


Early memories of synagogue worship bring to mind memories of playing with fringes on their fathers' tallises while glancing at colored light that streamed into their respective sanctuaries. 

All these years later, each on their own path, they are drawn to the work of transforming Jewish spaces through engagement with traditional texts and honoring of rituals.

With color and line, Nancy and Mark always jump at the chance to create architectural windows for residences and public spaces. 

These personal expressions, allow for the freedom and challenge of responding to individual personalities, sometimes working with an interior designer to achieve a desired affect.

A new and exciting endeavor for Nancy and Mark is the design and fabrication of mosaic art pieces which engage groups of community members in their creation and beautify their space.

The first of these projects took place in the late summer of 2019 with a synagogue community in Atlanta, Georgia.

A collaborative effort to recognize and honor donors for a Capital Campaign is creatively achieved.

Inspired by permanent artwork found in the facility, Nancy created painted panels which served as the background for the dozens of donor names.

A couple in Washington State wanted to be wed under a chuppah that was infused by the spirit and energy of their beloveds located all over the country and beyond.

Nancy & Mark made that happen!


Just as an artist may choose to paint on a canvas, Mark and Nancy enjoy creating stained glass work that is unconfined by considerations of an existing window opening or subject matter desires of a client. 


These panels were conceived to be “art for art’s sake.”

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