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An Adventure in Color & Design

In 2022 Nancy discovered gouache paints and fell in love once again, as she had years ago with silk painting.
This new (to her) medium allows for renewed delight in the wonders of color, pattern, without strain on her hands. Yes!

The results are playful compositions that, with the assistance of a high resolution scanning device and other modern technologies, transfer brilliantly to fabric for custom work.

This line of Nancy's work is known as Nancy Katz | 151.
First Image.jpg
Light-filled day.jpg

Everything created for Nancy Katz | 151 is custom made.

You can choose from paintings/designs Nancy has already made, or we can start from scratch based on your color pallet and desired finished art piece.
Communication is key!



These images show the process by which Nancy paints her designs.

Layer on top of layer on top of layer.

To see finished work click here.


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