Together we create beauty.

...and how important it is at this time!


Our mission is that of hiddur mitzvah--- Judaism's concept of the elevation & enhancement of life through beautification of the physical world.


Glass breaks. 
Leading weakens. 
Windows need attention.

Congregations merge.

The need for continuity is great.
Wilmark can help.


Nancy Katz facilitating art workshop with young child easel

Nancy & Mark are available to travel to your community to provide interactive, educational programing for all ages.

Nancy Katz has been playing with color and form since she was a very young child. Today she is a nationally recognized artist and arts educator.

Creating art which reflects the values and sensibility of a given community has been the focus of Nancy's work for decades. She has a unique ability to cull information from community members/congregants, involving them in the conceptualization of designs.


When Nancy joined forces with Mark Liebowitz to form Nancy Katz/Wilmark Studios, she became its principal artist. She works intimately with clients to glean the best design solution for their needs.

Wilmark Studios was founded by Mark Liebowitz in 1979.

Wilmark stained glass windows can be found in over 300 locations in 22 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.  The work includes newly designed windows, repairs and restorations as well as the removal, re-configuring and re-installation of treasured windows for merging congregations.

For more than forty years Wilmark has offered impeccable craftsmanship and the highest quality custom, site specific designs by distinguished artists.

Wilmark provides personal care with Mark overseeing every aspect of the work beginning with initial assessment of the job.

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