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The need for continuity is great.
Wilmark Studios can help make the transition easier by confidently enabling a community to take beloved stained glass with it from one worship space to another.
Below are two examples of mergers facilitated by Wilmark Studios.

Before the glass is removed from the original location, Wilmark visits the site.

In this case, the original windows were designed by  A.Raymond Katz, a prolific artist during the 1950s.

The team documents the artwork with photos and then obtains accurate measurements.

Survey conditions of Stained Glass windows before removal
Survey conditions of Stained Glass windows before removal
Stained Glass Windows loaded for safe transporting and storage

The windows are then removed, packed for travel, and placed in storage until construction on the new location is completed.

Wilmark collaborates with architects and construction crews (ordering new frames as needed) to assure that the windows will work in the new location.

Document sizes of Stained Glass windows for new installation
Completed installation of original stained glass windows in new location

The goal when installing existing stained glass to a new location is to make it look like the glass has always been there.

Sometimes the best solution is to create lightboxes to house the existing windows in their new location.

Such was the case for a community in Queens, NY where Wilmark had made the original windows with Henk Vanderburgt in 1992.

Stained glass windows before removal.
Stained glass windows before removal.
Concept for installation of stained glass windows along side existing windows.
Installation of moved stained glass windows in light boxes with original windows with natural lighting.

Using sketches for the original designs, Mark was able to work with Henk to manipulate the images to view the old glass in relation to the existing stained glass in the new facility in 2002.

The newly installed lightboxes visually co-exist with the windows that were already in the sanctuary, easing the sting of the challenging transition inherent in a synagogue merger.

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