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Corporate Teambuilding Through Virtual Artmaking

The marketing team of a global software company spent three hours together virtually flexing their creative muscles and relating to each other in new ways.

“Almost a year into the pandemic, I was looking for a unique and creative virtual experience for my team.  Since many of my team were new to the company, I had two objectives: I wanted the team to build relationships with each other and I wanted them to have fun.

“I had gotten to know Nancy over the years and was impressed with her work.  I noticed that she had offered an online class for other groups and invited her to think about how she might construct a class for my marketing team. 

“Nancy and I met several times (virtually of course), where I provided background on the team, the company, our recent rebrand, and she provided a number of ideas that I could consider for my team event. Nancy designed, sourced, assembled, and shipped to each member of my team a beautiful kit of various types of paper, scissors, glue stick, postcards, colorful pens, pencils, and crayons. The kit also included tea and chocolates.

Cheif Marketing Officer Robin Saitz & Nancy Katz met severaltimes virtually to design the teambuilding workshop.
Art supplies for a hands-on teambuilding workshop.
Treats included in kit for corporate teambuilding workshop with Nancy Katz..jpg
Postcards used as art making canvasses & a magnet frame for teambuilding workshop with Nancy Katz...jpg

“All the postcards where collected and Nancy assembled them into a single piece of artwork representing the entire team. And the postcards were sent to colleagues as a nice reminder of the event.

Paper collage on a postcard made during a teambuilding workshop with Nancy Katz
PLEX marketing team met vistually for three hours for a valuable teambuilding experience with Nancy Katz..

“Our workshop was divided into two parts. The first part was a warmup exercise where Nancy got the team used to playing with the kit contents and we discussed what that felt like.  The main part involved decorating three postcards – one would be sent to an assigned coworker, one was for themselves, and one for whomever they chose.  While we were making art, Nancy played background music.  


A montage of postcards created during the Plex marketing team's teambuilding workshop with Nancy Katz.

“Beyond being a talented artist, Nancy is a skilled facilitator and teacher.  I am grateful to have had this chance to work with Nancy and for my team to experience this form of art and creativity.  We had a lot of fun!"

Robin Saitz

CMO, Plex Systems

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