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sometimes a congregation expands & magic happens: A true story

A sanctuary expansion at Congregation Beth Aaron in Teaneck, New Jersey resulted in the need for a sixth stained glass window compatible with the existing windows that Wilmark created over 20 years earlier. 

Wilmark made the original sanctuary windows with Hendrik Vandeburgt decades earlier.

Henk passed away in 2006, but Mark had an individual panel they had made together around the same time as the others.

Using the old panel as the foundation of the new window, Nancy Katz/Wilmark was able to do the job & fill the opening.

Mark was able to deconstruct the panel. Nancy designed new glass-- top & bottom, and a wee bit on a side-- to expand Henk's original panel to fit the new opening.

Mission accomplished!

When the time came for installation it was clear that the new window looked like it has been there all along.

Stained Glass in Synagogue, Jewish Theme
synagogue stained glass
synagogue stained glass
Every now again, a project comes along which reminds us that there are multiple forces at play ensuring its success.
The goal is to pay attention and acknowledge our gratitude.

Compare and contrast.

The style and vertical composition of the existing Shabbat panel made for a relatively easy but miraculous re-do.

We are most grateful.
So is the congregation.

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