glass breaks

The goal for repairing stained glass is to leave no evidence that there was ever a need for repair.

Wilmark meets that goal through a combination of skill, experience and perseverance.

The broken piece is removed and replaced, in this case, there was no need to disturb the surrounding glass.  It is always the goal to leave undisturbed as much original material as possible.

Shop work is a step by step process illustrated through the images below.

The broken glass, having been carefully removed from the surrounding lead, is assembled on a light box and ready to be recreated.

The first step is to make an accurate copy or cartoon of the original art work on paper.

This becomes the guide for reproducing all of the painting techniques in the original. In this case, trace paint, matt paint and silver stain.

Opaque black (with a touch of brown) vitreous (glass) "trace" paint is applied with a brush and tack fired.

After the trace is fired, "matt paint" is applied with a wide brush, stippled and highlighted carefully following the look and feel of the original.

Silver stain is applied to the back of the fired glass and then fired at a lower temperature then the vitreous paint. Several test fires will determine the correct temperature.

The repair is complete only when the new piece is installed and no one can tell that it was ever broken!